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By October 13, 2021No Comments

Oklahoma-based dentist Russell Brorsen of Stillwater has launched an interactive website designed to help people get questions about dentistry and dental care answered even before they go in for an appointment.

Called Pocket Dentist, the online platform answers everything from insurance questions to questions about gum issues to teeth cleaning. Pocket Dentist ( connects users to an expert in the dental industry to answer questions – all free of charge.

The website, developed by Brorsen, launched earlier this month for Oklahoma customers. It will expand to Texas and then nationwide.

“The problem that we’ve been trying to solve is this huge gap between what you can find on the internet and what you get by going to a professional. People have a lot of questions, and the internet does a good job of answering a question, but we find that it does a poor job of answering their specific question,” Brorsen said. “On the other hand, if you go to the professional, you have all these strings attached.”

Pocket Dentist expands upon another development Brorsen founded – Dental Double Check, another online platform that connects patients with dentists for expert dental advices through an online portal for residents of Oklahoma.

“What my initial idea was with Double Check was that we were going to answer a very specific question, but what we realized was that we were telling them what their question was. What people really wanted was to be able to ask their own questions about dentistry,” he said.

Brorsen said there are a wide variety of sites on the Internet with information about dentistry, but finding the answer to a specific question can be a challenge. Additionally, any information must be personalized and identified with the needs of the user in mind.

“Pocket Dentist decentralizes expertise,” Brorsen said. “Pocket Dentist quickly empowers the user with the knowledge they need to confidently make better decisions. It almost sounds embarrassingly simple – it is simply a platform that will directly connect you to an expert to answer your question.”

The Stillwater dentist said feedback from testers has been positive. In one instance, a user estimated their family saved around $800 after inquiring about a procedure for new crowns that seemed unusually high, especially since they had insurance.

Brorsen said he hopes to build upon the Pocket Dentist platform to eventually create an app. The service is free and consumers can use it as much as needed.

“Long term, we’ll have an app, and some other stuff like that, but right now we’re just trying to make sure that we’re doing the best we can, helping people and giving them what they actually need and not make assumptions about what they want,” Brorsen said.


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