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Get Rid of Dental

Stress for Good

An extra dental office visit for a concern or emergency can cost up to $400 – just for the visit, and that doesn’t even include the additional care that could be needed. Our service exists to answer your questions, helping you cut through the noise and only pay for what is actually needed.

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What Can PocketDentist

Do for Me?

Great question! Our free-to-use services gives you the space to ask any questions you may have regarding your, or your loved ones’ oral health. The goal is to help you avoid any unnecessary procedures and only get the care you really need.

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How Does This Work?

We like to keep things simple, honest, and transparent. Why? Because we’re a team of humans just like you!

How Does This Work?

Create your account completely free! We give you the power to speak directly with a dental expert, we have the answer to YOUR question.

Get Answers to Your Questions

When you feel ready, ask your question, anytime – anywhere! Our team of expert dental advisors will get back to you as fast as we can giving you our recommendation for your situtation.

Make the Right Decision

Once you’ve gotten our feedback, we can recommend the right next step, from which dentist you can go to, what kind of care you really need, and what kind of budget you should be expecting.

Stop Dental Stress for Good

We give you the answer to all of your questions, from “can you help me find a dentist?” to “what should I do about my painful gums?”

We give you the power and the freedom to get your questions answered – fast and free.

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Have final questions? We thought so. Here are a few you might be asking yourself about our software.

Who runs the show here?

Our residential dentist and CEO/Founder – Russell Brorsen DDS is the ideator and creator of Pocket Dentist. Years ago he saw the need for dental patients to have more information in order to make better decisions when it comes to their dental health.

Russell leads our organization and organizes the other experts that operate as a part of our team to make sure you get quick and strait forward advice quickly.

Can you provide the dental care I need?

In short – no. We are not an office and do not actually provide dental care, but we’re happy to guide you in finding a dentist that will take care of you to assure you get the cheapest/best quality care possible.

How much does this software cost?

As we’ve mentioned throughout our page, it’s completely free! We are here not to take more from you, but to make sure that you have dental experts who seek to give back to you!

What are my limitations?

Aside from handling non-dental questions, none! You can ask whatever questions you may have about your oral health, for you, your family, friends, etc… without the fear that we’re ever going to charge you for our advice. We’re here for you!

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